Saturday, 9 January 2016

Another misleading letter from DCBL

Debt Collectors DCBL seem to be specialising at misleading their victims. Here is another of their letters.

The letter states this is a 'Notice of Debt Assignment'. Normally you might expect that to mean that the original debt owner no longer has an interest in the debt and that is is now owned by the new organisation.

This would mean that DCBL are no longer acting as debt collectors, who are powerless to do anything but send scary looking letters. Instead, as owners of the debt they would have power to take you to court.

However a closer look at the letter reveals the truth.

"has now been assigned to DCBL to recover..."

This means all DCBL can do is send scary letters. However once again the sum has been pushed to £605, which means that if uncontested DCBL can eventually apply for a high court writ, and from there send in their bailiff arm.

The Prankster recommends that you do not ignore DCBL but respond as per previous blogs.

The letter is also using terms which real bailiffs would use at the enforcement state. It should therefore also be reported to Trading Standards and Action Fraud so they can investigate.

More DCBL letters

have you received a letter from DCBL regarding a parking charge which is misleading and different to the ones already featured? Have DCBL failed to follow FSA guidelines and pretended they can act as bailiffs at the debt collector stage?

If so, please contact The Prankster at


  1. Scumbags!fight the good fight with all your might 😆

  2. Hi I need some help I have had the same letter after parking in a McDonalds car park for over an hour whilst I was having a meeting in side. I have received a letter stating the same. However I have receipts to say that was a paying customer for the whole duration of my stay. I was just going to ignore it until this letter came through my door. Luckily I still have the recipts. Should I still ignoure or send them a photocopy of my proof of purchase?

  3. Hi, can somebody please give me some advise, I received this letter in the post today, what should I do. Should I ignore it or make contact ?

  4. My personal preference is to write stating the debt is denied (and why) and ask them to refer the matter back to the parking company. Then reply to all further letters stating they have not answered your points raised and your position is unchanged.

  5. Hi need some help Received this letter from DCBL ( below is the content)
    Very threatening letter. Do I pay up or continue to defend the case?
    It's related to a gladstone parking scam.

    Pre Enforcement Letter
    You have failed to pay DCBL (Direct Collections Bailiffs Limited) the outstanding balance of 5O7.2O
    relating to County Court Judgement or make contact to discuss the repayment of
    this debt. We will now recommend to our client the commencement of legal recovery action against you.
    After further applications have been granted by the court the possible impact to you could be;
    ' Enables enforcement action to commence, such as applying for a Warrant of Control to remove
    goods. . Obtaining an Attachment of Earnings.
    -enter your property . Prevent future lending.
    To ensure no further legal recovery action will take place please make immediate payment by one of the
    following methods.

    1. This sounds like they got a default judgment and you failed to defend the claim or answer earlier DCBL letters so it is now too late to defend the case.

    2. Would you suggest recommend paying up ?

    3. This response is not correct. If the claimant has obtained Judgement by Default, then it is not too late, contact the court, say you did not receive notice of the Hearing and apply for the Judgement to be set aside

    4. This says nothing about judgement by default, even if it were you can apply to the court for the Judgement to be set aside, but seek advice from a Citizens Advice Bureau which is free or from a solicitor, dont' "wing it" whatever you do.

  6. Hi, i recieved a similar letter to the one above, it was titled legal recovery action, they say i havent paid and must pay up, they recommend there client take legal action against me. however the granting of judgments and other orders are at the discretion of the courts. To prevent further action i should pay up. I contacted the company they are acting on behalf of and told them i dont recall getting a parking ticket and i ask they provide photographic proof that i was parked there. They could only refer me back to the online ticket so ignored. Please advise whats best to do - I am extreemly reluctant to pay the buggers, thanks

  7. You should not pay up in the face of empty threats. If they are not prepared to say what this is about, it seems they have no case. You should ignore further letters unless they are a letter before claim or claim.

  8. Hi,

    My partners daughter had a ticket from Starbucks, followed by several letters from dcbl now threatening court action. The fine has now increased to over £600. She is a student and parked for literally 5-10 minutes when starbucks were closed. WE have not responded to any of the letters, they got her details from DVLA.
    What should we do. Should we write and tell them to prove she was the driver, her father is a named driver too. Should we pay up? Confused!!!

  9. I have the same letter and ive checked on my credit file and also with check my file and no ccjs are against my name!!! Should i just ignore this letter??