Monday, 4 January 2016

Are DCBL guilty of 'passing off'?

DCBL are sending out letters titled 'Letter of Enforcement' which appear to be impersonating a Letter of Enforcement which a bailiff would send out following a High Court Writ.

Here is what a real 'Notice of Enforcement' looks like, together with DCBL's fake notice of enforcement. The differences are highlighted for your convenience.

This therefore appears to be a clear case of impersonation of authority scam.

The Prankster suggests anyone who gets one of these letters complains to Trading Standards, their MP, the BPA and the Parking Operator.

Here is some information on real Notices of Enforcement from Citizen's Advice.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Looks like Fraud. Looks Serious. Is there some sort of Office that might deal with that?

  2. Enforcement Agents like those guys (who can enforce real High Court writs) need to have their licenses renewed regularly, so the body who does this should be the first point of contact about this scam. It's totally shameful because normally High Court Enforcement Agents perform a crucial and important role and are of relatively high standing.

  3. Maybe a complaint to the FCA is in order, since they claim to be regulated by them.