Saturday, 30 January 2016

MIL Collections fail on home turf

MIL Collections Ltd v Peter Brocklehurst, Truro County Court, 23 Dec 2015 

MIL Collections took Mr Brocklehurst to court after having bought an alleged parking debt from Llawnroc Parking Services. The case was heard at Truro, where MIL are based.

MIL sent two representatives and Mr Brocklehurst defended himself. The Judge threw out the case before Mr Brocklehurst had presented any points on the grounds of the pictures signage MIL submitted was obviously not from where the alleged offence took place.

Case dismissed.

Prankster Note

The Judge was obviously well aware of the nature of the Llawnroc operation.


  1. 2 representatives , the office must have closed for the day!

    nice to see it happen in there home town , they can forget ambushing people now

  2. "Shall we go back to not turning up?"

    "Bloody right we will! My brown eye ain't half sore after that savage pummelling the Judge gave it."

  3. I have to ponder if the Judge knew the car park in question?

    1. The Court may have been given a heads up beforehand by an interested party. Would you know anything about that Pranky? ;)

  4. the judges wife might have had a ticket on the very site

    and unlike "N Martin" (ANPR) , may very well have known the site "personally"

  5. Operation, racket, it's all just a piece of the action, see.