Saturday, 29 August 2015

Yet another doctored UKPC timestamp

Another doctored UK Parking Control timestamp has emerged, making it the fifth brought to the attention of The Prankster this week.

The story was reported in the Stoke Sentinel back in June. The motorist was accused of being parked at Lidl from 2.10 to 4.12. However, he only parked at around 3.20, which he knew because he was meeting a friend at 3.30. At the earlier time he was at the gym. UKPC initially rejected his appeal, but the gym provided him with a printout showing he was there at 2.11. Faced with this further evidence, the charge was cancelled.

The motorist has reported the incident to the British Parking Association, who  are investigating.

The Prankster assumes (but has not confirmed) that UKPC wardens are using SmartPhone type technology to take photographs. The time on these phones can be easily manipulated.

Here is a screenshot from The Prankster's phone taken while checking out rumours of an illegally parked horse during the Battle of Hastings.

The ticket was later cancelled by Parking-One-In-The-Eye. They accepted that their signage was deficient, as it would not exist for another 900 or so years.

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  1. Oh! What a Lovely War - laughter being the best medicine and all that.
    Merci millefois, pp.

  2. I wonder if the BPA Ltd. did anything regarding that complaint made by Paul? I bet they came up with the usual "admin error" excuse.

  3. James has complained to the British Parking Association. It has the power to bar companies which persistently break its rules from the association.

    "A spokesman said: "We are investigating the matter after Mr Cooper contacted us. UKPC has 14 days to respond to us."

    dated 16th June , and what was the answer from the BPA?

  4. If we're making ass-u-me-umptions, I'd expect that they're using dedicated digital cameras. Why outfit your staff with devices that they could (ab)use for other purposes?

    Further, I'd imagine that the blunt instruments at the sharp end have discovered a 'holiday snaps' feature that allows switching times with a button press.

    It'd be very interesting to find out.

    1. They are using iWarden2

      A former employee confirms it is easy to change the time on these.

    2. "Live data reporting," "real time ticketing" but no enforced network time synchronisation? Only in parking...