Sunday, 2 August 2015

Vehicle Control Services in feeding frenzy

This post on MSE exemplifies all that is wrong with the rogue element of the parking sector.

Vehicle Control Services have gone into a feeding frenzy at a housing estate where the annual permits have expired, issuing tickets more than once to the same vehicles.

A proper parking service is a joint co-operation between landowner, operator and motorist. The point of a parking company in this location is to keep away motorists who do not live at the site, not to try and make money from the people who actually live there. The annual expiration of permits should not be seen as an opportunity to make hay. Instead, any sensible parking company would co-operate with residents to ensure a smooth transition from one set of permits to the next. The proper course of action would be to work with the residents to ensure vehicles with expired tickets are issued with new permits, not penalised.

The Prankster suggests the residents band together and turf out VCS and instead either employ a parking company who will manage sensibly, or do away with parking management companies altogether and seek an alternate solution.

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  1. Faced the same issue from Nighthawk Parking aka P4 Parking, when a bunch of residents fell foul to the same scheme above. It took at least 6 months to cancel 11 tickets between two cars when a solid defense was submitted at POPLA. This would have cost them just under £300 in POPLA fees. What made it worse was the staff in the housing association telling me I had to pay the fine, but I wasn't having any of it...

  2. The housing Association is probably on commission.

  3. A couple of years ago I was given three parking tickets in the space of 48hrs for parking in my own apartment buildings car park with my permit showing. The parking company alleged it wasn't visible and then sent pictures to POPLA as proof. unfortunately for them one of those photos showed the parking permit.