Sunday, 2 August 2015

Park Direct plan to ramp up legal action

A Freedom of Information request showed that last year Park Direct filed only 7 court claims. However it not seems they are gearing up to follow in the footsteps of ParkingEye and Civil Enforcement Limited and ramp up to the next level

This advert at Indeed shows they are looking to hire an intern to start claims processing.

Description:An opportunity for the right candidate to be part of a successful Parking Enforcement company based in Uxbridge.
Park Direct UK have more than 20 years combined experience in the parking management business and are dedicated to providing their clients with reliable and effective parking solutions. We currently have over 700 sites across the UK.The role is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for that first step in their legal career and would be joining a hard working but enjoyable office environment.
Responsibilities: The role will be administrative, but supplemented with the opportunity to have active involvement in legal cases.You will also assist in research of legal guidelines, local and national government laws and legislation.
Work will involve: - Initiating court proceedings - case handling - Answering appeals - helping to prepare case documents - dealing with POPLA appeals - legal research - attending court when required - general office administration
Requirements: - Knowledge of Contract Law- Willingness to learn - Attention to detail - Ability to use own initiative and work in a team - Excellent English, communication and written skills - Good attitude and strong work ethic
This role will suit an Law graduate. Knowledge of the British Parking Associations Code Of Practise - Knowledge of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 would be beneficial.
This is a zero hours internship.
This is an excellent opportunity to gain some active legal experience.
Required experience:
  • law graduate, contract law, english law, : 1 year
This has been shown to ParkingEye to be a lucrative business move. One legally qualified person can generate over £1,000,000 a year in legal fees, over and above any monies recovered for parking charges. Although ParkingEye's latest accounts are not due until September, The Prankster expects that these fees will generate a substantial part of their profits.

No doubt Park Direct will be looking to bolster their bottom line in the same way. As this is a zero hours contract, the intern will presumably not similarly benefit.

It looks like HHJ Moloney's intention of reducing the burden on the courts was sadly misplaced, especially if more companies follow in Park Direct's footsteps.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. This is a zero hours internship

    Good luck with that.

  2. At least they cannot claim any "solicitor's costs" if they aren't paying the poor sop anything.

    1. Given parking companies creative approach to GPEOL, don't bet on that

    2. I hope you two are not suggesting that a reputable parking company would be in any way dishonest when dealing with the court ; )

  3. I applied but was rejected by Park Direct because being a PPC baiter,

  4. I wonder by what measure they deem themselves 'successful' ?

  5. I think they're a little ahead of themselves here. If the Beavis appeal is successful they'll be shedding loads of staff, not recruiting more.