Monday, 10 August 2015

Fake Parking Signs Removed

The Prankster previously reported on signage purportedly from CP Plus at a Morrison's site.

CP Plus have responded as follows
We have been to site and removed these signs.
As already stated, these are not our signs and in fact, although in the past we managed around 50 sites for Morrisons, this was not one that we ever did manage. We have never used the word 'Penalty' on any of our signs.
This retailer has some history with us of manufacturing their own parking signs and using our logo - in the past we have informed their head office about this and asked them to desist but this sort of thing was done at a local area level, without head office's knowledge.
It is interesting to note that if a motorist were to appeal to the IAS about a ticket issued on this site*, on the grounds the operator had no standing to issue tickets then the IAS would reject the appeal because the motorist would not be able to prove the operator had no standing. The IAS essentially proceed on the grounds that they believe anything an operator states, no matter how ridiculous, while believing nothing a motorist states. Although this is of course not the way an impartial or fair appeals service operates, so far the DVLA have done nothing about this.

Luckily, the operator is a member of the BPA which offer a fairer system of assessment, POPLA. POPLA would reject any appeal where the operator do not provide proof they can issue tickets. Indeed it should be noted that the BPA already pro-actively checked out this site and ensured that CP Plus removed the signs. The Prankster backs the BPA campaign to have one code of practice and one appeals body so that so called kangaroo courts like the IPC's IAS can be elimiated.

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The Parking Prankster

* which assumes that CP Plus were a member of the IPC, and that they did not notice the ticket was not issued by the or was not on their land.


  1. You just coulnd't make it up... and those guys really think anyone does take them seriously?

  2. Will Hurley should get at least some credit here. He's done more to make The BPA Ltd look good than Patrick Trouser-Fire ever did.

  3. "We have been to site and removed these signs."

    If they were not the property of CP Plus, then have they just admitted to stealing property that was not theirs?