Thursday, 26 February 2015

Proserve cases struck out

According to Valiant on pepipoo an unspecified number of Proserve cases have been struck out because Proserve failed to obey the procedure specified by a court order.

Proserve will not suffer because of this. Proserve take photos of vehicles for which they charge Ransomes Park Ltd around £150-£250. They then attempt to reclaim that money for Ransomes by filing court claims. Ransomes will therefore be out of pocket by £150-£250 per claim, plus the costs of filing the claims - £25 plus £50 solicitor fee each.

One wonders if the Ransomes CFO is having some painful conversations this week.

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  1. Not enough I'm afraid. The Courts should be calling the directors of DEAL before it and if they can be shown to have misled the Court a term of imprisnment is appropriate.

  2. david , right answer , wrong topic

    Deal are going to be delt with thy the Scottish government ,