Monday, 16 February 2015

Dispatches, tonight, channel 4

Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the private companies issuing more than 2.5 million parking tickets a year.

Secrets of the Parking Wardens.
Wherever you park they are waiting to pounce. Whether you're out to do some shopping or grabbing a burger, catching a train or visiting a hospital, the private parking industry is watching how you park. Thanks to new camera technology and a change in the law, it's an industry that is booming. Since 2007 the number of parking tickets issued by private companies has grown five-fold to more than 2.5 million a year. But as the parking firms rake in the money, complaints against the industry have soared. Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the secrets of this new parking scandal.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster