Sunday, 22 February 2015

Armtrac up to the same old tricks again

It appears that Armtrac have a free pass to ignore the BPA code of practice, a privilege normally only reserved for Civil Enforcement Ltd.

Yet again Armtrac have sent a rejection letter which arrives shortly before the POPLA code has expired, preventing the motorist from appealing.

The letter was date 8th January, but postmarked 21st January and received on 23 January. The POPLA code it contained expired on 5th February, giving the motorist only 13 days which is less than half the required 28.

The Prankster wonders when something will be done to curb Armtrac and do something about this deceptive practice. How many times are we supposed to believe there is a problem with the postal service at the Truro Mail Center in Cornwall?

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. I just noticed the same sort of thing on my letter from Armtrack.The letter date is 13/12/14.The date on the envelope is 06/01/15.

    1. If you missed the popla deadline because of it, and want me to complain, email me copies of envelope and letter to

  2. we had the same scenario , letter dated the 21st dec 2016 , envelope stamped the same , but over stamped by the post office 6th jan 2017, this was armtracs final stage letter giving 14 days to pay or glad rags and tnc will be instructed