Friday, 6 February 2015

Civil Enforcement Limited fail to turn up in court

This thread in pepipoo documents yet another case where Civil Enforcement Limited failed to turn up in court.

In court this morning, as predicated CEL didn't turn up. Judge said that the case was dismissed and even if they had attended, after he had read all the notes, I would have won the case. He told me I could apply for costs, l had these typed up and ready amounting to £143. No questions asked, awarded immediately.
There were several CEL cases today; one each in Derby and Haverford West and two in Halifax, so today's no shows may well have cost CEL £600.

Of course, this is small beer to them; they rely on scaring the defendant into paying up. In Bristol court it was stated they were filing cases at the rate of 200 a week. If there are only 4 hearings a day (20 a week) then this means the other 180 cases paid up £130 (excluding court fees).

CEL will have taken in £23,400 for an outlay of around £3,000 - an excellent return on investment.

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