Monday, 23 February 2015


A thread on peipoo reveals that judges are starting to get tired of DEAL's antics. 
I believe that the claim against me is about to be struck out.
I received a General Form of Order from the District Judge dated 12 February 2015 requesting further information from DEAL within 7 days of the service of the Order. I today telephoned the Court who informed me that they have not received this further information and that DEAL are not answering their telephone calls. The Court stated that they have a number of similar claims from DEAL and the District Judge would make a General Form of Judgement by the end of this week. I will update my thread as soon as this is received. I will also update what further information was required from DEAL at the same time.
This could mean the end of DEAL cases in that area of the country. Once the General Form of Judgement is available it can, if appropriate, be filed with cases in different parts of the country. This may well result in the wholesale collapse of all cases currently in progress.

As Gary Wayne apparently told the Solicitor's Regulator Authority that DEL and Civil Enforcement Limited are linked, this may also lead to the collapse of CEL cases.

Motorists who have already paid might as well sign up to, although if DEAL ceases to exist they may have to go after the original landowner instead.

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  1. I updated your posting (now on page 2) showing the link on legal beagles , where this was reported shortly after the 12th