Friday, 19 September 2014

Roxburghe in administration

Roxburghe have gone into administration on 16 September 2014. According to one of their staff, almost everyone was made redundant with no pay, leaving only a skeleton crew.

Roxburghe act as debt collectors for the parking industry. In the most usual way of operating, a parking company will appoint a debt collector to chase a parking charge. The debt collector then sends scary letters, adding their own fee on top on the parking charge. If the motorist pays up, then they keep this fee and pass the rest of the money back to the parking company.

As debt collectors, unlike bailiffs, have no legal powers, many people ignore them.

Roxburghe have previously had troubles, being banned from DVLA access for three months. In February, the OFT revoked their consumer credit licence, branding them 'unfit'. Roxburghe appealed this decision, which is still being reconsidered.

Alastair Turnbull, a solicitor who acted for Roxburghe and other firms has also been stripped of the consumer credit licence.
Gary Osner, the director of Roxburghe appears to already have a phoenix company ready, ZZPS.

Gary Osner was made a director of the British Parking Association Ltd  in July 2014. It is not known how the BPA Ltd will react to the news that as well as his company previously being unfit and barred from DVLA access, he can now add insolvency to the impressive list of credentials. Possibly they will make him joint CEO with Patrick Troy.

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  1. Oh no, must be a terrible time for those employed by this firm.

  2. If the BPA allows the phoenix company membership they must be scraping the bottom of the barrel.
    In fact I wonder what the BPA's own finances are at present.

  3. Somehow I struggle to feel compassion with those who worked for this outfit. If your job is to screw other people then it's good news that you're now the one who is screwed.

  4. Not everyone who worked for them was scum.....just mostly everyone.

    1. If you lie down with dogs, you will get fleas. Anybody who worked for this shabby outfit will have been aware of their reputation, and their intimidatory tactics in attempting to collect so-called 'debts' relating to fake parking tickets.

      All scum, just like most of their clients.

    2. Only obeying orders, eh? The bleating that "we're worked with these people for 15 years!" is so,so, soooo sad.

      Well, I wish them all the best in getting what they're "owed", although I suspect that their usual flowchart of SERIOUS voice, say "SERIOUSLY, you NEED to pay what you OWE in order to avoid COURT action" isn't going to work so well when applied to their erstwhile bosses.

  5. Why did they have DVLA access in the first place?

  6. No sympathy at all for these people, they spent years harassing, lying and breaking various laws in their jobs. I hope the lot of them have the same kind of medicine in their struggle to get jobs. Good riddance to the f*cking lot of them!

  7. I knew Gary Osner 20 years ago. He's a pompous, arrogant little twerp. His wife was bullied by him. A total jerk.