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Napier Parking issue ticket for 12 second stay. James De Savary and Mr Nicholas De Savary must take action

[Update 7-9-2014. Mr James de Savary has replied regarding this incident which should be read together with this blog]

[Update 25-9-2014 Napier cancelled the ticket]

This post on Pepipoo details how a motorist got a ticket even though they decided not to use the car park.

The motorist needed to shop quickly for one item, so on arriving at Jengers Mead Car Park, Billingshurst, he immediately checked the signs for the terms and conditions. The car park was operated by Napier Parking. This was his first visit as he was unfamiliar to the area. He decided the car park was too expensive for a short stay so returned to his car to find that a ticket was already being issued.

He explained to the attendant that he had decided not to park there but the attendant said the ticket was already issued and walked off.

The driver's own watch read 15:08 on entry to the car park - he checked it because he was worried he was late for an appointment. The ticket was issued at 15:09:19 and the attendant first observed the car 15:09:07 - a stay of 13 seconds.

This is clearly against the BPA Ltd code of practice.
13.1 Your approach to parking management must allow a driver who enters your car park but decides not to park, to leave the car park within a reasonable period without
having their vehicle issued with a parking charge notice.
13.2 You should allow the driver a reasonable ‘grace period’ in which to decide if they are going to stay or go. If the driver is on your land without permission you should still
allow them a grace period to read your signs and leave before you take enforcement action.
The Prankster therefore suggests the motorist contacts the BPA and his MP to complain, as well as appealing to Napier once he gets his Notice to Keeper. The BPA can be contacted on

Jengers Mead Car Park, Billingshurst is owned by owned by Jengers Mead Car Parking LLP, which is owned by Mr James Nicholas John De Savary and Mr Nicholas Charles De Savary. The owners of Napier Parking are also Mr James De Savary and Mr Nicholas De Savary.

The Prankster has no idea who these two gentlemen are, but if their idea of running a legitimate car parking operation is to allow a grace period of 18 seconds then they are obviously disreputable shysters up to no good. It seems they have form for allowing their parking attendants to ignore the BPA code of practice. In August 2013 one ticket was issued after 9 seconds and the driver was banned from further use of the car park after disputing the ticket. Another driver thought the attendant must have been hiding behind a hedge. A disabled driver was issued a ticket having left the car for 3 minutes - not enough time to buy a ticket and return.

This local shopkeeper is well aware of the car park's reputation.

Mr James De Savary and Mr Nicholas De Savary will therefore be well aware of the predatory practices of their attendants - or if they are not, should be. The Prankster therefore eagerly awaits the news that the attendant and all people involved in issuing these tickets and deciding appeals will be disciplined.

If not, then the Prankster questions whether they are fit and proper people to own and run a car parking company. We could for instance, compare them to the likes of David Taylor, who used to own ParkingEye, Simon Renshaw-Smith of Excel Parking or Kevin MacManus of AS Parking.

Oh looks like they have all the right qualifications after all.

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  1. The BPA will probably reply "We do advise in the code that an operator should provide a grace period but we do not advise what that grace period is (as this is determined by the private land owner)". Therefore if the land owner wants a 5 second grace period that will be perfectly compliant with the BPA code of practice.

  2. Defining "reasonable" can sometimes be quite difficult. I wonder what The Man on the Clapham Omnibus," would have to say. Do I detect a whiff of someone not telling the whole truth in this saga ?