Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Has Stephen Duff of Proserve broken the law by conducting litigation? Part Two

The Prankster previously reported that Stephen Duff of Proserve may have broken the law by conduction litigation (700 times).

Apart from the  Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) the Law Society had also been approached. It is not within their remit but as they have been asking the powers that be to prosecute Wonga for something similar it was considered that they may have some clout. The response on behalf of the CEO of the Law Society includes the following:

A letter has been sent from our Chief of Corporate Affairs to Paul Philip, the SRA’s Chief Executive, asking that he ensure this matter is investigated, and prosecuted if the evidence is sufficient.
Perhaps the Law Society was mindful of the provisions of the s22 of the Solicitors Act 1974 which provides for it to be an offence for anyone to a prepare a document for legal proceedings  for payment. A Court Claim form perhaps. Or s20 which states that no unqualified person, acting as a solicitor, may commence any action in his own name. As we know Mr Duff has signed Statements of Truth in his name and competed the box on the claim form for the Solicitor in the name of his firm.

Ooh errr

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  1. That happens when simpletons think they've devised the bulletproof method to make money out of thin air. Hope he ends behind bars, I'm sure as a bailiff he will have an enjoyable experience :)

  2. I hope the LS know DuffServe is a cert. bailiff, solicitors don't like the lower levels taking their work

  3. My learned friend don't be so condescending about the unwashed masses :)