Wednesday, 3 September 2014

ParkingEye make over £1.5 million a year from patient misery at Burton Hospitals

[Update 05/09/2014 Burton Hospital's admit to cock-up when they released FoI figures]

A FoI request has revealed that ParkingEye are invoicing Burton Hospitals at a rate of over £25,000 a month. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. The FoI request also states this is a VAT only invoice, which means that ParkingEye are issuing invoices to motorists at the rate of over £125,000 a month or £1.5 million a year. As the FoI only states the invoices are over £25,000 a month the true figure could be even higher.

The government has stated it does not want hospitals to use Parking operators who provide their services for 'free' and this hospital shows why. Vulnerable motorists are being gouged at an alarming rate.

Burton hospital signage has been described as especially confusing. These figures show why. It is of course an advantage for ParkingEye to confuse motorists because this means they can issue more parking charges. It is perfectly possible to run a hospital car park without confusing motorists but this would generate little or no revenue for ParkingEye. Bristol Eye Hospital is a perfect example of this where an FoI request showed no tickets were issued for overstays in a three month period. ParkingEye would go bankrupt if were constrained to operate in a fair manner as exemplified by this hospital.

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  1. A matter that has been raised in Parliament by MP Heather Wheeler.