Wednesday, 17 September 2014

CPM UK operate entrapment site in collusion with Hole in One pub manager in Lytham

A thread on moneysavingexpert describes a the Hole in One pub car park in Lytham where the pub manager was apparently colluding with CPM UK to trap motorists.

Apparently the pub was not making enough money from normal pub activities so the manager looked to scam motorists for parking charges to top up income.

The motorist explained how the sign was not only covered by bushes, but was also turned around to face the other way. The sign explained cars needed a permit, but did not explain how to get one. The motorist visited the pub, but at no time was told he needed a permit.

Two car park attendants hid in a van to trap motorists, making no attempt to mitigate losses by warning motorists.

The motorist duly appealed, which was turned down. He then appealed to POPLA where the appeal was upheld because CPM UK offered no evidence.

The motorist visited the pub again where he noticed the signs were gone. On enquiring inside, he was told about the nefarious activities of the former manager.

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  1. not just entrapment, but conspiracy to commit fraud surely ?