Thursday, 24 October 2013

ParkingEye wonder-blunder legal team drop case under protest against wrong vehicle owner

Today The Parking Prankster heard that the blundering ParkingEye legal team have dropped yet another court case.

They will soon need to update their website which states they never vacate any hearing unless the defendant pays.

The Prankster has a large list of cases where this is not true, including this one.

The defendant in question sold her car some time ago, and heard nothing until out of the blue a court summons arrived for a parking charge dated after she sold he car. She obtained a letter from the DVLA confirming this and sent it to the court and ParkingEye, thinking this would be the end of the matter.

Unbelievably ParkingEye refused to drop the case, filing a reply to defence which blamed her for not informing them earlier...despite the fact she never received any letters from them. (ParkingEye letters often go astray and many defendants never receive letters which ParkingEye swear blind were sent out. ParkingEye's mail provider, IMail, has also in the past been known to fail to send ParkingEye letters out).

The fact that ParkingEye have no case if the defendant is neither the driver not the keeper seems to escaped the keen legal brains at ParkingEye Palace. They did however, make an offer to settle.

Although ParkingEye may have wished to boost their revenue in the light of their impending purchase by Capita, The Prankster considers that attempting to stiff innocent 3rd parties is not the way to do this, and the defendant suffered considerable stress as a result of ParkingEye's bullying tactics.

The Prankster also notes that the words 'firmly believes' in the above document are a ParkingEye secret code actually meaning 'does not believe'. The Prankster has seen these words in ParkingEye documents many times, and ParkingEye only use these when they do not actually believe the following statements.

At this point the defendant wrote to ParkingEye stating she considered this a vexatious case, that she had already incurred costs of £50 herself, and that she would waive these if ParkingEye dropped the case within 7 days. Otherwise, costs would escalate and she 'firmly believed' that the court would award all her costs. (In the defendants case, 'firmly believed is a secret code meaning 'firmly believed').

ParkingEye replied the next day, dropping the case.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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