Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Aldigate, month 5

Aldi supermarket's PR disaster with ParkingEye rolls on and on. We are now into month 5 as this started back in June. The Parking Prankster thought it might have all blown over by now, but when he popped over to facebook for a look, the page was as littered with complaints about parking as ever.

Aldi may be itching to get rid of ParkingEye by now, but know that they will be in for a punitive law suit if they do so.

Aldi's customers certainly want ParkingEye out. Here are a selection from the facebook page.

And of course, The Prankster's all time favourite Aldi post :-)

How to fight a parking charge from ParkingEye at Aldi

Of course, none of these parking charges are enforceable, as this post shows.

 The simple way to get rid of them is to appeal first to ParkingEye.

Dear ParkingEye,
I wish to appeal your charge on the basis that it is not a true pre-estimate of loss. The Parking Prankster has informed me that you lose every case at POPLA when you are asked to produce a breakdown of your charges and justify your pre-estimate of loss calculation. I will not be answering any correspondence so please either cancel the charge or provide me with a POPLA code within 35 days.

ParkingEye do indeed lose every case at POPLA on these grounds, but are stubborn enough to try again anyway. Perhaps they know that each appeal only costs them £27 but it costs the BPA Ltd over £100. As ParkingEye and the BPA do not get on eye to eye at all times, perhaps they are happy to shaft the BPA for £100.

When you get your POPLA code, appeal to POPLA.
I wish to appeal the charge. It is a charge for breach of contract and therefore must be a true pre-estimate of loss. ParkingEye have not produced a breakdown showing that the charge is a true pre-estimate of loss. In line with many other POPLA decisions I trust that this appeal will be upheld.
You can add lots of other stuff to your appeal if you like, just to be on the safe side, but the above should be enough. If you do write a longer appeal, you will cost ParkingEye and the BPA Ltd more money so it will not be wasted time; only by hitting these companies on the bottom line will they ever be forced to make changes.

For help with longer appeals, see ParkingCowboys, pepipoo or moneysavingexpert.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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