Friday, 4 October 2013

ANPR Ltd continue to send confusing appeal letters

The Prankster agrees with Trevor Whitehouse of ANPR Ltd about some things. This may come as a surprise to some readers!

For instance, The Prankster agrees that the use of the large 'P' symbol mandated by the BPA Ltd for entrance signage is not appropriate in all cases; in cases where no parking at all is allowed, this symbol is misleading.

The Prankster also agrees that the mandatory inclusion of the BPA Ltd logo on signage is free advertising for the BPA Ltd and makes it expensive for an operator to move to a different ATA (accredited trade organisation), such as Independent Parking Committee Ltd.

Where the Prankster does not agree, is the wording used by ANPR Ltd to motorists to tell them that their appeal has been denied and that they can now appeal to POPLA. Although The Prankster has had his differences with Highview Parking in the past, he does agree that in this particular, their behaviour is exemplary. Here is the text Highview Parking use.

In contrast, here are the instructions supplied by ANPR Ltd, from a letter issued on 25 September 2013.

The Prankster considers these fail to be reasonable for the following reasons;

  • They do not make it clear the appeal has been turned down
  • They do not make it clear 'the clock is ticking' and that there are now only 28 days to appeal to POPLA
  • They do not make it clear you can appeal to POPLA
  • They do not provide full instructions on how to appeal to POPLA
  • ...and in fact, they do not provide any instructions on how to appeal to POPLA
  • They do not make it clear that the 'verification code' is actually a POPLA code
  • They attempt to discourage any further appeals
  • They attempt to delay the motorist further and cause a POPLA time out by requiring further communication.
The Prankster has been made aware of this thread on pepipoo where the motorist clearly thought his appeal had been upheld and did not realise that he had been given a POPLA code and did not realise the POPLA clock was ticking.

The Prankster understands that the motorist will be complaining to the BPA Ltd and the DVLA, and possibly POPLA and Trading Standards.

The Prankster urges ANPR to follow the example of Highview Parking* and change their rejection letters appropriately.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

*The Prankster can hardly believe he just wrote that.

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  1. use of the words "modus operandi" should also count against ANPR Ltd as it is not clear what they are saying and "black and white" what? photographs when they should in full colour?

    In case the case of councils they have a general duty at law to be fair. One would expect the same level of fairness to be shown by a private parking operator.