Friday, 25 October 2013

Aldi PR disaster continues. Now they need to employ more staff to cope with the complaints.

Aldi are recruiting another 'Parking Eye administrator' to cope with the deluge of complaints they receive.

The duties speak for themselves

This skills required include:
  • The ability to display empathy whilst remaining firm on certain occasions
The Prankster considers that bearing in mind the reports on the skills and parking knowledge of the current staff, this bit won't be tested too thoroughly during the job interview.

Nuff said.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. That's not a job with prospects. It'll only last until contrac renewal and then come to an abrupt end.

    A transfer to shelf filling after the post becomes redundant maybe.....

  2. Amazing that ALDI is paying their people who have to deal with ParkingEye (of whom ALDI is a client!) nearly £10k more than what ParkingEye is paying their people who cause all the problems for ALDI in the first place. Does anyone else find that something is just odd here? ALDI must have an annoyingly long and onerous contract with ParkingEye - otherwise they would just terminate it and tell them to FRO...

  3. Not much longer till the BPA Ltd go bankrupt and take POPLA with them. Perhaps that is what Aldi is waiting for?