Sunday, 27 October 2013

Aldi penalise motorist for being 50 seconds over 30 minute shopping limit

Aldi have instigated a strict 30 minute shopping limit for motorists at their Stockport Newbridge Lane store.

Aldi are obviously keen to prevent their customers having a relaxing shopping experience and are working hard to maximise customer dissatisfaction. Issuing Parking Charges for a mere 50 seconds overstay shows they mean business. Or rather, means they don't want repeat business.

Normally the British Parking Association code of practice stipulates a grace period should be applied to car park times. However Aldi have cleverly employed ParkingEye as their parking enforcers. ParkingEye are apparently able to ignore the code of practice without fear of retribution. As large fee payers to the BPA and DVLA, ParkingEye seem to be able to get away with transgressions that other parking operators cannot. Their entrance signage hardly ever complies with the mandatory code of practice and as the above post shows, their grace periods are also not compliant.

The Prankster congratulates Aldi on their choice of parking operator and wishes them well in their continuing strategy of diverting their customers to Waitrose.

As ParkingEye are extremely litigious, The Prankster advises Paul Henderson not to ignore the ticket, but to get the store to cancel the charge. If they refuse, then appeal to ParkingEye and then POPLA. There are no known results where ParkingEye have won at POPLA when the level of charges are questioned, and many many published results where ParkingEye have lost.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. was the customer delayed an extra 50 seconds at the checkout?

  2. It's obviously all about the money (for Parking Eye). If you lie (see what I did there?) with dogs, you're going to get fleas.

  3. It'a an out of town area and will enjoy a nil rating on the car park for providing free for use facilities for shoppers.
    It more than likely has no set time limit on it and the council would confirm that.