Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Smart Parking charge vulnerable motorist at notorious Fistral Beach Car Park

The Prankster will let Stacy tell the tale in her own words. Stacey cannot drive, as she has epilepsy and problems moving-her car is registered to her under the motability scheme.

See this facebook page for more details

hello my name is Stacey.
I am little scared because I can not see my advocate for while to help me. and I have got a reply from the ticket people at Smart parking who we wrote to try and exsplain why I could not pay the meter.
I was on holiday in conwall in April this year and I come home to parking ticket for Fistral Beach. I went there because I read there was beach wheelchair. I not was sure if I could use the beach chair because I not have good upper body control but I wanted go see. when get to car park I check metre and say no parking free for disabled blue badge which I have blue badge. so I needed get some change pay meter so I go to get change and look at chair at same time as in same shop but problem was I had get over sand to get to shop and I get stuck in the sand.
it take 3 people to rescue me and my wheelchair from sand and then I decided I just go home cause I hurt me foot when got stuck and it scard me. so we go back to caravan. I not was drive my husband was drving. he take me back to van and make sure I ok give me meds and clamp my chair back in van.
I write to Smart parking and I exsplain all this to them and tell them it takes lot time to clamp and unclaimp a wheelchair and it not was my fault I not could get over sand to get money and we not did think parking have no free parking for disabled at all most have least some free parking even if it half hour.
we only was there from 2.34 to 3.07pm all time take unclamp me and clamp me back in and to get stuck and unstuck in sand I is real glad people help me get unstick from sand or I still be stuck there now.
I tell people at smart parking they can see my blue badge in the pictures they took of the van. so they know I was disabled and they can tell it wheelchair van with lift so it special van have clamp wheelchair in. but they say fine still stand and say MUST pay fine on same day as they WROTE the letter to me on 9th of june but I only get letter today. or they send it to debt collectors. so they now going send scary people my door because they not give me time to pay and I no feel I should pay for getting stuck in sand trying to get change for machine.
it not like me was there for 2 hours swim in sea and catchin sun. wish me had because it my dream go on beach but now they take my dream away to ever try go beach again.
on letter say they have tell me about obusman but that they wont deal with them so I am lots confussed about that. but give me a number I can make complaint to POPLA?
I gots letters me got scaned and picture of marks me left on beach and me sent picture of marks me left on beach to them to I not can work out how attach them to this post sorry.
I am scared they will send debt people my door. and they put charge up more. it was £60 if pay with in 28 days now £100 cause me made complaint that me think is wrong to no should be made to pay more for making complaint.
I am trying read everything on site I read rules say to and only to post if still cant find answeres but I am scard because they give me no time to pay or complain as I ment pay by now but only get letter today.
how do i attach things to here to show you?

No doubt Smart Parking employees will be sleeping happily in their beds tonight, pleased to have the prospect of another £100, and the satisfaction of dashing this lady's dreams of ever going to the beach again.

Shame on you, Smart Parking.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Schoolrunmum Lynzzer and Gan at Pepipoo: release the dogs

  2. Posted 3 mins ago on the facebook link,

    Dave Miles Landscapeman: "Little bit of an update. The sharpest minds in parking are meeting with SMART tomorrow to try and get this cancelled for Stacey.
    If not, they will be 'beating the door down' to represent her in Court."

    Now we'll see how f***ing SMART they are.

  3. What a load of sh1te.....

    1. As if an able bodied person (the driver) would send this person in her chair to go and fetch change, back in the real world the driver would get the change...

    2. The rule with the council is that you should have change with you before arrival i.e. Your not allowed free parking to go and get change.

    3. If no change... Pay by phone.

    Id wager that they had no intention of paying to park, and the rubish about getting change is an after thought.

    1. I disagree.
      1)You say they may of had no intention of parking so why did they only stop there for just over half an hour? Why not stop there for the whole day if they weren't going to pay for parking.
      2) Possibly Stacey wants to try and have some independence and that is why she wanted to go and get the change. You don't know the facts behind that one.
      3) Do we know if Pay by Phone was available at the car park?
      4) Why would they go with change when they hold a blue badge? Everywhere round by me (including our local beaches) allow blue badge holders to park for free.

    2. 1. The post says that she went home due to the issue with the chair being stuck in the sand. If this event had not occurred, she may well have stayed all day.

      2. As I said, there is no free parking in car parks to get change (both private and council).

      3. Yes, Pay by Phone is available at Fistral Beach.

      4. Why do 'Blue Badge' holders expect free parking? their mobility bears no reflection on their ability to pay... and even if it did, do those on benefits get a concession? no, so why should those with reduced mobility.

      I accept that a concession in respect of accommodating their reduced mobility such as larger bays and better access, but I do not agree with a financial concession.

      Some car parks offer a concession, others do not; the driver should be prepared for both scenarios.

    3. I suspect she wanted to feel "normal."

      The distance between Fistral Surf Hire (where it looks like she hired the beach chair,) and the ticket machine is a matter of yards.

      In this case, the beach wheelchair looked like it failed her. (It sank.)

      Easy sixty quid for Fistral and their partners.

    4. I still disagree with you Devils advocate.

      1) The chair came out of the sand so if she was unwilling to pay for parking then why not stay after that?

      2) You never actually answered this. She maybe wanted to feel independent and go and get change. You also don't know if her husband was fully able bodied.

      3) I've never been so did not know that option existed although that system to has its flaws.

      4) Why do a lot (most where I'm at) of car parks offer free parking for blue badge holders? There is obviously some reasoning behind it.

      I do know one thing that we agree on and that's to disagree :)

    5. You really are a charmer aren't you? Try reading it again, this time without the default judgemental attitude. She says "so I needed get some change pay meter so I go to get change AND LOOK AT CHAIR AT SAME TIME as in same shop". So she wanted to check out the beach wheelchair, but she never got there as her "street" wheelchair got stuck. Is that so hard to comprehend?

    6. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this it would seem that in a common sense world the offer of whatever 33 minutes parking costs (plus a £ or two for SP's admin if pushed) would see the matter closed. But in my experience the words PPC and common sense rarely if ever appear in the same sentence.

    7. I'd wager that 'devils advocate' is a troll from a PPC, I wonder which one?

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  5. Humanity has dropped to zero level. Sorry. I mean it remains at rock bottom where it has been for many years.
    I thought Fistral was a safer place now that PE had been booted off the site but like the true vultures they are Smart appear to be little better. At least they don't normally do court so there's one consolation and if they did in this case I see a very unsatisfactory result for them.

    1. Fistral - PE booted out, Smart Parking moves in!
      Asda - Smart Parking booted out, PE moves in!

      Paul Gillespie a common denominator, anyone?

      The PPC merry-go-round spins on. Why do the landowners not recognise the damage to their reputation and profits?

  6. Disability Discrimination Act, here we come.

    The codes of practice allow time for reading signs, paying meters etc. The same codes of practice must allow for the extra time needed for a disabled person to do the same things. What takes 1 minute for an able bodied person can take 10 for someone with a disability.

    I'd love to be sat in court if it went that far.

    1. photon (on facebook page) of rear of vehicle , shows the rear of the vehicle with a sticker on it asking for you to leave room for wheelchair access

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    please lease room for wheelchair access

  9. perhaps SP should be given a chance to respond before they are lambasted

    1. They have respoded to Stacey.

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  10. upon stacy making an appeal on the grounds of her disabilities , Smart looked over the case (for 10 seconds) , looked at the photographic evidence , then said "stuff it" we are above the law !

  11. it would have better if the redacted response had been posted

  12. the response redacted or not , was a clear statement that they did not give two hoots over the equality act

    1. Or for the feelings of a very disabled lady, with enough in her life to be getting on with. Rotting in hell seems too good for them!