Thursday, 23 June 2016

MIL buried in Bury

MIL v Mrs S at Bury. 15/06/2016

This was a Matt Murdoch/k case, with the fictitious blind lawyer preparing and signing the witness statement for MIL collections. This was always going to cause problems for MIL as comic book characters have difficulty in materialising in court in the real world. The defence was fully prepared by HO87, before handing the hot seat to to John Wilkie. The Defendant contacted MIL to point out the Murdoch/k issues as recently as 8 June, but they were adamant they were proceeding.

Given the recent successes with the Mr Murdoch/k issues, a Preliminary Application was prepared, together with a Costs Schedule, and these were sent to MIL at 3.45 on 14/06/2016 with copies for the judge on the day.

AS it happens, timed at 11.34, but received at 19.34, came a "notice of discontinuance" apparently signed by MIL Collections, and not served on the Defendant.

The judge looked at this, stated it wasn't valid, and as there was no attendance by MIL, this was unreasonable behaviour. He dismissed the claim with 27.14(2)(g) costs without the Defendant or her Representative having to
say a word. Costs of £50, to be paid within 14 days.

Short and sweet.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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