Thursday, 23 June 2016

Michael Schwartz continues to send letters before claim for Civil Enforcement Limited despite practice restriction

Michael Schwartz is currently subject to practice restrictions as detailed on the SRA site.

Mr Schwartz shall act as a solicitor only in employment, the arrangements for which have been approved by the SRA.

Despite these restrictions, Michael Schwartz continues to work for the legal team of Civil Enforcement Limited, sending out dubious letters before claim. The Prankster questions whether this is or is not 'acting as a solicitor'.

If anyone receives such a letter before claim, or any other document wher eMichael Schwartz appears to be acting as a solicitor, The Prankster recommends you send a copy of your evidence to so they can investigate.

Meanwhile, you should also treat the letter as a genuine letter before claim and respond accordingly.

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The Parking Prankster


  1. Perhaps bringing it to the attention of any court that becomes involved in the proceedings

  2. As far as I can see, according to the wording of the SRA restriction, there is nothing to prevent Mr Schwartz being employed by Civil Enforcement Limited. Therefore any report by an aggrieved party to the SRA should ask the following questions.

    1). Is he so employed?
    2). Have you approved it?

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    1. the letter says " Mr Schwartz " , legal team , so he must be a member of CELs legal team