Thursday, 23 June 2016

Alan Davies from MIL Collections flunks out of court

MIL v Ms X Warrington

MIL Collections appear to have finally realised that filing witness statements in the name of a fictitious comic book lawyer is not a winning strategy.

In this case, "Matt Murdoch" filed the initial witness statement, but following a challenge from the defendant, MIL asked for this witness statement to be discounted. Instead Alan Davies, the managing director of MIL Collections filed an almost identical witness statement.

Mr Wilkie represented the defendant and the claimant was represented by  a lawyer who was only handed the case papers the day before. Unusually in these cases she did not approach the defendant beforehand and the first communications was to inform them that the judge was ready to hear the case.

The judge was not happy with Alan Davies witness statement, which was filed late, and was also not impressed that Alan Davies had not bothered to turn up and had not informed the court he would be absent. The case was adjourned to be relisted on the first available date 14 days from today, so that Alan Davies could turn up and explain his actions. A time of 1.5 hours was allocated rather than the 30 minutes today. Costs were reserved.

Prankster Note

The Prankster has connections in Truro who inform him that the new-fangled inventions known as the 'motor car' and 'train' have made their way as far south as Cornwall. The Prankster therefore has no idea why Mr Davies could not be bothered to turn up, especially as he managed to get to Parkex last week.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. adjourn for a parking ticket? Madness. Was the judge Mr Justice Peter Smith?

    1. Perhaps he's merely giving Mr Davies time to purchase a new toothbrush.