Saturday, 4 July 2015

SIP Parking fail to pay CCJ

The Prankster has been informed that SIP Parking have failed to pay a CCJ. The CCJ was awarded against them when they started a claim against a motorist, but failed to turn up in court once the motorist filed a robust defence.

The judge therefore struck out the claim and ordered the claimant to pay for the loss of earnings of the defendant.

SIP Parking failed to pay the charge by the 14 April deadline, and are still in default. The motorist contacted the appropriate ATA, The Independent Parking Committee, to see if they wanted to take action against this operator bringing the Parking Industry into disrepute.

However, the IPC were not interested and to date have taken no remedial action.

The Prankster understands The British Parking Association take a more robust attitude to parking companies who fail to pay CCJs, and require their members to pay them. The Prankster therefore recommends any parking company who wish to ignore judges applies to join the IPC, where they will apparently be in good company.

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  1. Would DVLA be as lenient as the ATA?

  2. Would DVLA be as lenient as the ATA?

  3. The motorist's evidence to the IPC might have amounted to, what is known in certain legal circles, what they call hearsay evidence and therefore not relevant.

  4. I doubt a document from a court is hearsay. Even in the warped version of English the IPC use.

  5. Transfer to the high court and get it enforced


    Leave it outstanding and if they ever win a court case insist that the CCJ is satisfied. SIP will lose out.

    1. Needs to be over £600 for a high court writ to be taken out.

  6. Stop Illegal Parking?

    Stall Incurred Payment more like.

  7. Stop Illegal Parking?

    Stall Incurred Payment more like.

  8. he could get Gladstones to collect the money, they like to act as a DCA

  9. An order such as this will not automatically enter the Register of Judgements, so it will never become a CCJ which will impact SIP's credit score.

    The OP should send a copy of the order to the Registry Trust and advise that this judgement is still outstanding so that the Registry Trust can create a CCJ against SIP. Only then will this have an impact on SIP's solvency.