Saturday, 11 July 2015

Fastidious vandal attacks car park

A vandal has attacked a Morrisons car park in Devon managed by CP Plus, carefully removing stickers which covered references to car clamping.

Car clamping is now illegal for private parking enforcement in England, Wales and Scotland, and signage should not mention clamping. If it does, this is potentially a Trading Standards offence.

The vandalism came to light when a concerned motorist reported the signs to the BPA. The BPA investigated and were told by the operator that the reference to clamping had previously been covered by a sticker. However, the signs were vandalised and the stickers removed without authorisation. The BPA were told that the operator was already aware the signs had been vandalised and was already in the process of fixing them.

The Prankster can report that the vandal was diligent, methodically removing the stickers from every single sign in the car park.

The vandal was also fastidious, carefully removing every last trace a sticker was there. The vandal was so good that looking at the picture below, it is hard to imagine a sticker was ever there.

Of course, there must have been stickers, because the car park operator says so, and the BPA believed them.

The signs are so high a ladder would have been needed to vandalise them. The Prankster asks motorists in Devon to look out for either a person carrying a ladder, or someone really, really tall. Hopefully this heinous person can be stopped before more acts of vandalism are perpetrated.

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  1. Well that's quite a prank. I think you should issue a denial immediately.

  2. You would have thought that Patrick Trouser Fire would be able to tell when someone is telling porkies.

  3. funny how there is no sign of adhesive residue, dirt around the edge of the now missing sticker and a lack of greasy marks or scratches where the sticker was removed. If I was a retired forensic examiner I would say that the sticker never existed!