Thursday, 16 July 2015

Parking Charges at Warrington and Halton Hospitals

This facebook page is devoted to getting a fair parking regime at Warrington and Halton Hospitals:

Trading Standards are interested in the letters Highview Parking have been issuing, as this post confirms:

Do you reside in Halton and you have all three letters off Highview? The PCN itself, the reminder and the third letter wanting £115 which threatens your credit rating if they need to refer to their solicitor. Deana at Halton Trading Standards / Consumer Protection wants to see these 3 letters. Please message if you have them.

There is also a petition here 

Prankster notes on Highview in General

The Prankster has been issued a large number of parking charges by Highview, all of which are invalid because the Prankster visited the car park twice, and did not have one long stay as the charges suggested.

No doubt Highview will be spurred into immediate action.

Highview are one of the more incompetent parking companies. At Halton they have been issuing tickets on land they do not manage. In this POPLA case, they submitted a map of the wrong car park.

In this POPLA case, they declared that if they lost, all their charges would be invalid. They duly lost.

This POPLA case shows how they tried to manipulate photographs to remove a huge pole obscuring their signage.

Here is a case where they issued a charge for a one minute overstay. Of course, as their ANPR cameras do not measure the time of parking, there would not have been an overstay at all.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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