Saturday, 18 July 2015

Do not ignore - the private parking industry

A short you-tube report by Becky Frith

Barry Beavis talks about his landmark case which is going to the Supreme Court next week.

Bargepole explains the business model and legalities.

The Prankster explains why the IPC appeals service is (in his opinion) not fit for purpose, and proposes a solution.

Patrick Troy of the BPA also proposes a solution.

Remarkably The Prankster and Patrick Troy are in accordance for once.

Will Hurley and John Davies from the IPC decline to defend the indefensible. It is not known by The Prankster whether they were not speaking on behalf of the IPC, or not speaking on behalf of Gladstones Solicitors.

As noted in the report, Gladstones often directly financially benefit from appeals turned down by the IPC. They charge for sending out debt collector letters, letters before claim, filing claims, preparing witness statements, and other associated legal actions. It is therefore impossible for them to claim they are independent.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. The guy with the dodgy beard had a very untidy desk......shows an imaginative brain :-)

    1. Rumour has it he has 11 patents decorating his downstairs toilet. Other rumours have it that the desk was recently tidied. Hopefully that does not mean the imagination is done and dusted.

    2. Civil Servants generally have a tidy desk :-)

  2. "I need an expert opinion so I'm going to get as far away from Haywards Heath as possible." : )

  3. The prankster exposed without his iconic hat... AGAIN!

  4. Naturally Patrick Troy agrees to the same philosophy as Prankie. That is, tha parts of the presentation that was asked about. Ask him about other matters such as justication of cost though and you'll see a completely different animal.

    Everything he spoke about was to bring the industry to a single AOS operating same level as the BPA. In other words he wants to save his job.

  5. I should have woken up berore that last bit of gibberish, but you get the gist