Monday, 17 March 2014

ParkingEye make 'Hearing of the Week' on Rollonfriday

Read the full report here

Rollonfriday is a satirical legal news site. The now-famous ParkingEye v Collins-Daniel transcript was brought to their attention by someone who apparently preferred to remain anonymous, going by the initials PP, and sometimes being referred to as 'Pranky'. ParkingEye's top experts are on the case, and expect to be able to track this person down in a few weeks.

Mr Gopal will now have to go through the rest of his career known as 'Ah, you're that Mr Gopal', a potential hazard for lawyers taking on ParkingEye cases.

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To see typical untruths, misleading statements , unsubstantiated allegations, statements not backed up with any sources and new legal arguments introduced in the guise of a witness statement click here to read about a typical witness statement submitted by Jonathan Langham, ParkingEye claims handler.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Love this helpful direction from Judge to PE: '"now, first of all it has to be observed that in English we generally use punctuation".
    I will now invoice PE for a multi-function fullstop - £100 discounted to £1k for early and/or late payment..
    Thanks again TPP

  2. ParkingEye's PrivateEye: The man you are seeking is none other than the costumed superhero known as Peter Parker. If you wish to engage him in a battle on equal terms then you may like to know that radio-active spiders are available on the web.

  3. And there was me, thinking it was Professor Plum (with the lead piping, in the Billiard Room, of course)