Monday, 17 March 2014

Nick Lester admits NoToMob did not assault him. Accuses them of being child killers instead.

According to this report Nick Lester has accused the NoToMob of being child killers.

Nick Lester is corporate director of services at London Councils, president of the European Parking Association and a director of the British Parking Association Ltd (BPA Ltd). He is also the current holder of the Nick Lester award for being Nick Lester. When he received the award, it was reported that he accused the NoToMob of assaulting him. 

The NoToMob therefore sought out Nick Lester to find if this was true.

The NoToMob managed to meet with Nick Lester, who admitted there was no physical assault, but only a verbal assault when apparently at least two members of the NoToMob accused him of lying.

No independent verification of these apparent verbal assaults have been forthcoming.

Apparently Mr Lester had denied coaching BPA members regarding evidence to be presented to POPLA. It is strange that Mr Lester has apparently denied this.

If Mr Lester has denied coaching BPA members regarding evidence to be presented to POPLA, then The Parking Prankster would like to verbally assault Mr Lester too, and also accuse him of lying. The Prankster, and the NoToMob, and no doubt large numbers of other people, have copies of emails Nick Lester sent to the BPA coaching them by helpfully editing for them a sample 'witness statement.'

Mr Lester then accused the NoToMob of wasting taxpayers money by holding public servants to account.

Finally Mr Lester said that if the NoToMob succeeded in their campaign in scrapping CCTV cameras for parking enforcement, they would be responsible for the deaths of many children.

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  1. They don't use CCTV cameras though do they? CCTV cameras are useful and prevent crime and provide evidence for prosecution through a constant recording function and ability to move direction. ANPR cameras are a snapshot in time and permanently point in the direction of a car park entry/exit. How does that prevent the many deaths of children? What data backs up this claim. How many deaths have been prevented by the use of PPC cameras?

  2. And how much do PPC's and BPA put into road safety overall?

  3. Did Mr Lester have the figures to hand on how many children's lives have been saved by CCTV spycars, after accounting for regression to the mean?

  4. Custard Pie: $camera cars have CCTV controlled by an operator. They will zoom in on your numberplate, issue the PCN and by the time you have received the first one there will likely be around five others on the way, every one of them being diligently pursued. It is strange that councils have cut school crossing patrols to fund this type of activity and then assert that it is in aid of child safety. The specific offence of stopping in a restricted area outside a school accounts for less than 5% of total PCNs issued for each $camera car.

    Colin MacDonald: BPA Ltd directors do not provide any evidence to justify their many assertions. They simply expect their statements to be accepted without question. Many lies have been uncovered courtesy of the FOI act.

  5. Reading NoToMob page I'd say that there is a possible slander case here.
    It's a costly road to go down though. Might be worth them lodging it as an official complaint and seeing if a written and public apology is forthcoming. Get the media involved.