Saturday, 15 March 2014

Burton Hospital continue to penalise patients

Sadly Helen Ashley has failed to make the necessary changes at Burton Hospital. The major problems with the system are; patients have to guess how long they stayed; patients are penalised if they enter an incorrect registration.

Both are problems which can be solved with technology. ANPR systems can be configured to only accept registration numbers for vehicles which are present, and to inform motorists of the exact amount owed.

Systems such as the one Burton Hospital use are fundamentally flawed and are not fit for purpose.

Helen Ashley has made token changes to the system which do not address the real problems.

There are of course much more suitable systems on the market which solve the problem, but it does not appear that these were considered.

The hospital has explained that:
Anyone who has appealed to Parking Eye and is unhappy with the response should call us on 01283 511511 extension 5359
Happy Parking

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  1. "Anyone who has appealed to Parking Eye and is unhappy with the response should call us on 01283 511511 extension 5359"

    I imagine someone is going to be rather busy.

    1. Some crazy people have called the police about bad customer service, but asking ALDI shoppers to call a hospital is a bit daft...........

      Just Kidding :D

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  3. This is like going into Somerfield (I like them), and buying a bag of apples, and the cashier asking how much they think they weigh, you saying about 2 pounds, and later finding yourself obtaining a "charge" for 40 quid because they actually weighed 2 pounds and 2oz.

    It's unlikely that patients and carers will have the inclination to follow the POPLA or Court process, I should imagine they have enough on their plate.It would be interesting to see how the "Commercial Justification" argument would pan out though !

    The trusts are accountable to the Care Quality Commission, MONIOR and NHS England, and I'd suggest that people contact these in the first instance. They will, I'm sure, be very receptive to how this made you feel at this time. The local MP should also be made aware of the situation.