Saturday, 28 April 2018

UKPC in trouble again

Parking Company UK Parking Control Ltd are in trouble again, this time for failing to help track down a fly tipper, as this report from The Lincolnite shows.

North Kesteven District Council took them to court for failing to provide CCTV data when requested in order to track down a fly tipper. UK PC failed to show up and were fined almost £6,000 in their absence.

This will be small change to their owner, Rupert Williams.

Mr Williams awarded himself** £663,861 in dividends in 2016 and £354,714 in 2017

Not content with that, he has effectively paid himself another £690,821 by writing off loans of £639,538 to Pins and Stripes Ltd and advancing them another £51,283. Rupert owns all the shares in Pins and Stripes Ltd.

The 2017 accounts also reveal he has written off loans of  £330,030 to companies he owns,

Rupert's companies are not trivial to track down. Some of the companies are listed here

and some are listed here

There may be others.

In other news, The Prankster understands UK PC are currently being investigated by the DVLA.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

**It is not clear how dividends were allocated between A and B shareholders, so The Prankster is not sure whether Amanda Williams is getting any or not.


  1. If the lady is not getting any, she can always try a Grimsby boozer at chucking out time, may get a few takers

  2. update in the independent newspaper