Monday, 16 April 2018

Parking Prankster on Watchdog

The new series of Watchdog starts this week on BBC 1, Wednesday, 8pm.

The Parking Prankster makes a small guest appearance where he explains how ANPR works (or, more accurately, does not work).

Watch this blog for an up to date report once the program airs.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Parking ticket on a shopping trolley. Remember?

  2. Let me explain how "documentary" TV works (or, more accurately, does not work).

    You thought you were doing a slot explaining how ANPR works (or, more accurately, does not work).

    What will actually air will be a carefully edited piece which makes you appear to be a neo-Nazi advocating the extermination of anyone who over-stays by 2 minutes.

    1. This is Watchdog. They won't misrepresent this to the advantage of the PPC's.
      They may well, probably will that is, give incorrect reports on "fines" and all that stuff but the root of it will probably much to the favour of the consumer.
      Just hope they tip off the public on the potential of suing for breach of the DPA.

  3. It will be like this: We see the double dipped motorist (Who has a sob story too, probably hospital related) in their home looking at the PCN, then pleading on the phone or typing an email. Cut to Prankster & his ANPR analysis, then back to the studio for a rushed interview of a BPA stooge, not Patrick the pervert though.

    1. I was bang on if they hadn't cut The Prankster

  4. I am keen to appear, but unfortunately, have a prior appointment researching womens underwear on public transport
    c/o HMP Perv Island

  5. what a crock of chit, watching watchdog, that's one hour of my life I wont get back.

  6. I got edited out in favour of the AA

    1. I guess you didn't fit their narrative. Cheer up, at least they didn't run with a contrived hatchet piece painting you as a nutter - I was half serious above about that being a risk.

  7. The AA are not specialist experts on parking. The Prankster is. Well done, BBC, for cutting him out - we want to be entertained, don't we? Not weighed down with real information.

  8. The whole point of Parking Control has never been addressed by any of the BPA, IPC, AA or whoever else throws his towel into the ring.

    Parking control is about ensuring that effective management is undertaken so that "on-site" infringements are picked up. Tell me any ANPR which will issue a ticket to a vehicle parked in a disabled bay with no Blue Badge on display, or a lazy driver parking in a mother and child bay.

    The only truly effective way of parking management is feet on the ground for infringements such as that, and for an exit barrier with pay on exit.

    ANPR is ONLY about an easy income stream for parking companies.
    They are quick to point out the effectiveness of the appeals system by quoting a large percentage of appeals allowed, but by doing so they undermine their own integrity (for what remains of it anyway) by admitting that they got it wrong on so many cases that went to appeal. Many more wouldn't have done so and would just have been paid, or the appeal would have been rejected for reasons of the appellant not knowing the way to construct an effective appeal.

    Parking Companies have their own gold mines on every site they operate on. They install ANPR and sit back to watch the gold roll in from then on. Does that do any good to the landowner? Like hell it does. It puts their customer's backs up and potentially sends them into other places where their competitors have a more forgiving parking arrangement.

    As you may know I'm pressing my own MP on some issues on :

    I suggest that any useful opinion is also sent directly to Sir Greg Knight MP who is handling the up and coming changes to the matter of parking companies operations.