Thursday, 6 July 2017

Link Parking lose Lakeshore residential case at XBristolX Bath

Link Parking lose at Bristol Bath

Bristol court is currently flooded which means cases are currently in chaos, paperwork unavailable and hearings moved.

One hearing was moved to Bath and heard on 4/7/2017.

This was a residential case involving a motorist parked in their own space at Lakeshore, Bristol.

The lease gives residents the unfettered right to park, so The Prankster wonders why Link Parking think they have the right to unilaterally override the lease and impose their own conditions.

Apparently The Judge agreed with The Prankster and was very harsh on Link Parking for bringing the claim.

Link Parking, you've been Gladstoned.

Gladstones parking department is staffed by the incompetent pair of Jamie Ashford and Helen Cook. If either of these two had done their job properly and undertaken the proper due diligence, The Prankster believes that the claim would never have been filed and valuable court time would not have been taken up.

Gladstones is owned by failed solicitor Will Hurley and his inept sidekick John Davies. John Davies is infamous for threatening to file a defamation case for publishing his mobile phone number. Notwithstanding the fact that it was himself who actually published his own number in the first place, it is difficult to see where defamation is involved. Anyone seeking his services as a barrister should be forewarned on his apparently shaky grasp of legal concepts.

Will Hurley and John Davies also own the International Parking Community. The Prankster calls on the government to remove their ATA status until they show they understand parking related law.

Data Protection

Any residents issued with tickets at Lakeshore may well have a data protection claim not only against Link, but also against the managing agents who employed them. This is because Link have no right to personal data because he motorist had every right to the quiet enjoyment of their own parking space.

The amount of claim would depend on the level of distress and harassment caused.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Hi, I'm so glad you actually blogged on that case - it was mine. In and out in under half an hour...(Only transferred to bath at last minute due to building issues at Bristol County Court). The judge did most of the defending herself, stating that consumer contract law meant that Link's contract couldn't override my tenancy agreement (which included parking). I only spoke to state what my costs for the day were! I think that makes at least 10 or so cases that Link have brought against Lakeshore residents (the second against me), and they have lost all but one, and we think that was only because of the "DJ Bingo" factor, as you have so aptly put it. Many thanks again for your help and advice.

    1. Thanks for the update. Can I have your claim number and initial for the blog please. Also the judge name if you remember it. I am aware of a number of Lakeshore cases so hopefully this will help all the people Link are victimising.

    2. Sure. My initials are TH, and the case number was D6GF06A1. I don't know the DJ's name - because of the last-minute transfer, and I don't remember her introducing herself either. About the victimisation - indeed, I think one poor lady had 31 tickets!!! Many of those ticketed had either paid to park there by renting their bay (as I did), or actually bought it with the apartment, meaning they owned the leasehold for the parking space itself...How on earth the parking charge can be considered anything other than a penalty, I'll never know.

  2. I have a court date with Link parking/Gladstones the first week of August. Wish me luck!

  3. I have a court date with Link parking/Gladstones the first week of August. Wish me luck!

  4. A number of residents have provided copies of their leases / tenancy agreements to Link and Gladstones after being ticketed. These were ignored and they received yet more tickets and now LBCs.

    I wonder whether residents who have won their cases are still receiving tickets?