Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Excel lose in court. Wrong registration at Peel Centre.

Excel v Burgess. Stockport. C3DP33CZ. 03/07/2017

This Manchester Evening News story tells the full tale.

Blessed Burgess parked with her family at the Peel Centre, Stockport (an Excel-run car park) and her husband accidentally entered her registration incorrectly. Excel tried to charge her £100, which she objected to. On finding the number plate was entered incorrectly, they reduced the charge to £10, which she still objected to.

Excel therefore filed a claim.

The judge disagreed with Excel and the claim was dismissed for unknown reasons.

Prankster Note

Parking companies have the technology to refuse to accept incorrect number plates. Their ANPR systems know which plates are in the car park at any time. Charging people for entering the wrong number is therefore purely a money-making exercise and has nothing to do with car park management.

Excel are still deciding whether to appeal this claim; they have 21 days from the hearing date to decide. They will already have spent around £200, and the estimate is they will need to treble this to continue fighting.

Excel have a history of disagreeing with judges at Stockport. Simon Renshaw Smith does not like losing. In the Excel v Cutts case where the judge ruled the signage at the Peel Centre was deficient, he described the court ruling as " embarrassment to the judicial system" and he made some pretty rude remarks about the judge DDJ Lateef, describing her as "not fit to serve the civil court."

The Peel Centre is the worst run car park in the UK, with more complaints to The Prankster than any other car park. Complaints regularly include poor signage and charges being issued even though tickets were purchased.

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  1. Typo alert: Blessed vs. Blessing when compared to the linked article.

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  3. I'm having a similar issue now with Premier Park - using this as a reference.

    This kind of thing needs to be clamped down upon by law. We entered our other car reg, which the APNR can clearly see never entered or exited the car park. We paid the correct monetary value for the parking space. It shouldn't be allowed to happen in 2018, that common sense is replaced by intimidation and profiteering.

    Currently going through POPLA