Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Bunfight at the Royal Courts of Justice

It appears two parking companies have some disagreement or other, which will be heard tomorrow.

5/7/2017 ROOM E116
At half past 10
Parking Control Management (Central Services Limited) -v- Parking Control Management (Uk) Ltd

The Prankster has little idea what these two similarly named companies are disagreeing about.

However, the first named company went into voluntary liquidation and never filed any accounts. it may be that The Liquidator is chasing a £200,000 inter company transfer.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Wasn't PCM the outfit who famously admitted on BBC Watchdog that they 'make it up most of the time'?

    Will be interesting to hear what the Lord Justices make of their evidence on that basis. LOL! Will they be 'on oath'?

    1. T'wouldn't matter. They'd still tell porkies.
      It's ingrained into their psyche.

      Is it a live session?

    2. They don't seem to have any connection at all. Maybe it's a name problem they are fighting.

    3. Ah, I see Abigail Louise Furniss was involved with them both.

  2. From the Liquidators' report. Notice the use of a CFA. They don't ambulance chase to the RCJ unless there is something worthwhile.

    "Creditors will recall from my previous reports that the Joint Liquidators had commenced their investigations into the non—payment of an intercompany debt in the region of £200k, with the assistance of the director Ms Furness. The Liquidators instructed solicitors to pursue the recovery of the debt on a conditional fee arrangement.

    The solicitors are continuing to pursue avenues of enquiry In order to realise the outstanding debt and as such investigations into recovery of the debt remain ongoing."

    1. This was first in the 2013 filing as commencing the investigation and your quote above appearing in 14, 15 and 16 reports, I guess they ran out of patience!

  3. If you look in Companies House, there is no shortage of companies (mostly dissolved) name Parking Control Management (something) Limited and PCM (UK) Ltd. the standard PCM signage includes a misdirecting reference to "PCM (UK) Ltd." which is distinct from the company in Slough.

  4. Is this a case of a scammer being scammed by a scammer?

  5. So how did that go?
    Any news on the result?

  6. Bet both turned up unprepared and the case was dismissed in nobody's favour.