Thursday, 1 June 2017

POPLA evidence packs go online

In a welcome move, POPLA now hosts parking company evidence packs online.

This means that motorists will be able to download the evidence pack, rather than having to rely on the vagaries of the post.

This will also eliminate two avenues where parking companies used to try and exploit the system - saying evidence packs had been sent when they had not, and sending different evidence packs to POPLA and the motorist.

Although these exploits did not occur in great numbers, they did occur sometimes, and it is good news that POPLA has shut the door on these sharp practices.

It was also embarrassing to watch POPLA try and squirm out of sending motorists an evidence pack when they had not received one. Frankly, rather than engage in long and protracted disputes as to why they were not going to email the motorist a copy of the evidence they had, it would have been far easier just to email it.

The Prankster is glad POPLA have finally updated their systems to provide evidence packs electronically and congratulates then.

If you are using POPLA, one thing to note is the the evidence pack disappears after a while, so you should make sure you download and keep a safe copy.

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  1. There is a much deeper issue here. If you delve deeply into the ownership of these parking companies, you will eventually find gangsters, organised crime, money laundering and, through this, to terrorism.