Sunday, 4 June 2017

Civil Enforcement Limited director named in Panama Papers

The Prankster has previously reported on the tangled web of companies which Civil Enforcement Limited (CEL) are involved in.

None of the normal people associated with CEL appear as directors, persons of controlling interest or as shareholders.

The two directors are QA Nominees and Willem Martinus De Beer.

William De Beer also appears on the offshore leaks database

The offshore leaks database states "There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. We do not intend to suggest or imply that any persons, companies or other entities included in the ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly."

Willen also appears as a director of 250 companies in the UK.

It would appear then that he has not got the time to be a director of all these companies and that he is therefore likely to be shell behind which the real persons of controlling interest hide.

The Prankster believes a legitimate question is to ask who really is a person of controlling interest in Civil Enforcement Limit? At the present time, this is not clear at all. Perhaps Ashley Cohen can shed some light on this.

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