Saturday, 27 February 2016

People's Parking - update

In a previous post, The Prankster analysed the People's Parking website. When The Prankster investigated the website it was not fully formed. There was no contact information and no information about the accreditation process. Since then the website has been updated and it appears that the owner is Helen Dolphin, formerly of DMUK.

The Prankster has contacted the owner of People's Parking, Helen Dolphin, to seek out her views; however, it appears they will have to agree to disagree.

While Ms Dolphin may believe she is trying to drive up standards in parking and create car parks which are better for the public, The Prankster believes she is being used by the parking industry for their own ends, in order to legitimise bad practices and provide an accreditation which the worst miscreants can sign up to.

The Prankster has carefully studied the handbook, which appears to be currently not available. However, the copy The Prankster downloaded was worryingly light on signage and enforcement, essentially allowing parking operators to get away with all the scams they are currently running.

Here is one such example; a wizard wheeze by bottom feeders Armtrac, who moved from the BPA to the IPC, thus simultaneously raising standards in both organisations. In this post on moneysavingexpert, the motorist explains how Armtrac hid the fact that the vehicle had a legitimate ticket by covering it with the Parking Charge Notice and then taking a photograph.

The IPC have a relentless drive to lowering standards in the parking industry, removing safeguards for motorists with each release of their code of practice.

The IAS appeals service is a bad joke, with even their own members realising this.

While the domain registration is now no longer owned by Gladstones Solicitors, it has only moved the width of a piece of paper.

Registrant Name: Domain Admin 
Registrant Organization: Patron Hallow 
Registrant Street: 4 The Stables 
Registrant Street: Red Cow Yard 
Registrant City: Knutsford 
Registrant State/Province: Cheshire 
Registrant Postal Code: WA16 6DG 
Registrant Country: GB 
Registrant Phone: +44.01565000000 
Registrant Phone Ext: 
Registrant Fax: 
Registrant Fax Ext: 
Registrant Email:

Patron Hallow is apparently a shell company owned by Will Hurley and John Davies, the two owners of the IPC.

People's Parking, the IAs, and the IPC are all hosted on the same webserver, sharing the IP Address

The Prankster believes that People's Parking should distance themselves from the IPC, move their webhosting and domain registration, and should update their handbook to promote fair parking enforcement.

The Prankster believes that motorists should avoid car parks run by IPC members like the plague, due to the large number of complaints he receives about IPC members, and because motorists cannot get a fair appeals hearing.

Your call, Ms Dolphin.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. I did rather suspect that Ms. Dolphin was likely a pawn rather than a co-conspirator. I am particularly alarmed by the 'how to apply' section,
    "The assessment will be in the form of a self-assessment............." and "To apply for the accreditation the car park owners/operator must answer all the questions on the assessment form.........." Really? Don't tell me, the nice man who helped you set up the website suggested that self assessment would be a great idea. Facepalm in 3.........2..........1.........

    Apparently, dolphins are not as intelligent as Sir David Attenborough would have us believe.

  2. It all sounds a bit fishy to me......

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    2. why....? a dolphin is a mammal not a fish...

    3. Dolphins are also highly skilled predators, sometimes working together to herd their prey into a small area so that a feeding frenzy may begin. This explains why they are sometimes attracted to the Parking Weasel.

  3. Ah. A a shark dressed as a dolphin....

  4. Dolphins are often innocently caught in the nets of tuna fishermen...

  5. Good intentions are proven by action rather than assertion.