Friday, 24 April 2015

Barry Beavis launches fund to finance commencing appeal against 'cowboy' parking charge

Barry Beavis has launched an fund to commence his appeal against the recent Court of Appeal ruling. He needs to raise £1,600 to lodge the notice of appeal and a further £4,500 to lodge the Appellant's bundle.

The appeal needs to be lodged within 42 days of the judgment.

If 600 motorists donate £10 each, the fund will be raised. At the time of blogging 2% had been raised. The Prankster will shortly make his own contribution.

The Prankster views this as an important test case to stop the 'cowboys' in the parking industry.

Contributions can be made at this link.

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  1. I think this is now good money chasing bad money, its quite clear that these people are all bent as a dogs hind leg and the BPA and alike are run by the people who run companies such as Parking Sly, no doubt they will have MP's, Judges and other hierarchy in their back pockets. Its another example of these companies using legal grey areas to create a business model that is built on intimidation and exploiting peoples vulnerability. The powers that be could stop this just as they did illegal clamping and the only reason they stopped the illegal clamping was the fact it was harder for them to take a slice of the pie.

  2. It's the principle that matters. He's gone past 5% already and I wish Barry well

  3. Much is right in what you say monkey boy, but nothing changes unless we confront it.
    Don't be a non-voter, in other words.
    Make those electable 'powers-that-be' change the Law.
    £10 contributed and will do so weekly, from OAP - with thanks to pp for his help too, and all those on mse.
    I am following the same principles in canvassing for Labour and donating similarly until Election Day.
    This does squeeze my budget, but it's a 1st world problem and I will survive.
    If you don't vote on 7 May[4 months after Paris], don't complain: parallel with this Beavis Appeal.

  4. Aye, despite being pretty wiped out by vets bills this month, I've chucked a tenner in the pot to show my money is where my mouth is. I hope he gets the money he needs!

  5. Have a read of the Supreme Courts decisions page and see how many time the Court of Appeal gets it wrong and the decision gets overturned. I will be donating £20.

  6. I'm pretty much wiped out this month, so not able to make an immediate contribution but will be making a contribution at the end of the month.

  7. I have no idea at all about the wherewithall of it, but does anyone know how to get this into the larger world with one of those viral thingies.........

    1. Simples. Get Beyonce to post it on her twitter account

  8. Clarkson, May and the other one, Jabba's little helper, they don't have anything better to do. Perhaps they'd like to promote or fund it.

    I'd chip in, but I'm a Scotch, and therefore tight and not stuffed by it.

  9. I,ve tweeted "trev" and asked him to post it on his (empty) website , alas he answered "no"

    PS: trev kicked out fro preston , see

  10. I stuffed 20 in.
    Barry is ready to try, I am happy to chip in.

  11. I've chucked in a wad. Won't say how much in case the wife sees this. I'm up for the fight, but not with 'er indoors.

  12. BPA site now hacked

  13. I'm a low earner, but I managed to chuck £5 in.

  14. £6,600 in one day!
    Shows the strength of feeling when people put their money where their mouths are...