Thursday 1 January 2015

Excel Parking jump ship to the Independent Parking Committee

Excel Parking have apparently jumped ship from the British Parking Association to the IPC, following the lead of their sister companies VCS and Conkai.

No announcements are on the BPA or IPC websites, so this is entirely based on new signage which has appeared at Currys and The PC World on Old Shoreham Road Hove.

The signage shows the orange IPC roundel, but not the BPA Logo.

Of course, Excel and VCS have a history of mixing their signs up so this may just be a boo boo by their signwriter.

Of interest is the fact they charge £15 to cancel PCNs. This is roughly equivalent to their true genuine pre-estimate of loss unintentionally given away by them from the large amounts of conflicting information thay have published regarding their calculations.

The Prankster will keep an eye on the BPA and IPC websites to see if there is any news.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. I see they still can't properly word a sign purporting to be a contractual service charge. Dear dear...

  2. Also the fact that it lists a PO Box number, therefore someone can not enter into any contract as it is a requirement in law that a geographical trading address must be supplied with any supposed contract. Registered address and services addresses do not count

  3. Well, I'll look forward to reading about their first court claim for the unpaid £15 Admin fee and their evidence that it was correctly issued. I presume the driver/RK can also claim a £15 Admin fee for dealing with any incorrectly issued ticket!

  4. About a month ago I was going to pick up a pizza with my girlfriend. Being a new driver, I didn't feel comfortable parking on the busy main road so I dropped my gf off to get the pizza while I found a place to park. I found this Curry's car park and parked there, knowing I would be just a second so I could wave to my gf where we gad parked. 2 mins later I go back to see a ticket warden ticketing me. I go over to explain and eventually he walks off. I ask if he gave me a ticket and he replies "Do you see anything on your car?" in a sarcastic manner. I drive off as I think it is done.

    Anyway, a few days ago I received a letter informing me of a £60 from Excel, on the letter stating the ticket was not on the windscreen of my car as I had supposedly drove off. Which is not how it happened. Should I be paying this ticket? I merely left the car park to wave to my girlfriend where I was, next thing i know he is back. What are the consequences of not paying? Should it go to court and I lose the battle, what would the consequences be then?

  5. I parked in this car park, left for two mins (not an exaggeration) to flag down my girlfriend who I was meeting so she could find me. Being a new driver, I didn't want to park on the busy main road as I am not 100% with my parking yet. I come back to see a ticket man giving me a ticket. I explain and he eventually walks off. I ask if I've got a ticket and he replys "do you see one on your car?" heavily, and sarcasticly, implying I have not received one.

    Next thing I know I have a fine of £60 come through the post from Excel which states a ticket was not put on my windscreen as I supposedly drove off... Not how it happened at all. Do I have to pay these PPC tickets? What are the consequences if I don't? If it ends up going to court and I lose the battle what are the consequences then?

  6. What was the ticket for? Email me a copy to for specific advice

  7. Fascinating reading - and thank God for the Parking Prankster.
    I notice Alexander E.A. Bell, b.1968, remains a director of the company. Charming man. I was delighted to to obtain judgement against VCS in 1992, following a charge of £250 or so for parking and having my Opel Manta (amateurishly) removed from the then Aireside Centre in Leeds. Never received a penny - which helped spoil the relationship I enjoyed with the late lady friend who helped me with the debt. Now, I am more resolute in these matters and am determined not to pay UK Parking Control or Premier Park anything. The former has issued an N1SDT through the County Court Bus. Centre, Northampton while the latter has given me until 25 March to respond to Gladstones, Solicitors.