Friday, 2 January 2015

Civil Enforcement Limited, er, fail to turn up in court

This pepipoo thread tells the tale.

As normal, CEL failed to turn up. The judge awarded some costs against them. Apparently they did not try their tricks of getting the motorist to fail to turn up too.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. As a taxpayer, I'd like to know who foots the bill for all this.

    1. HM Court and Tribunal System has been paid - by the claimant - £35 for the claim form issue (assuming it is below £300) and £25 for the hearing fee. So that's what pays the bills (presumably)

  2. Leaving aside the costs, this behaviour is abuse of process( ) and action really should be brought against them for this continued misuse of the courts. Quite how it can be done is not within my knowledge but someone will have the answer.

  3. Civil Restraint Order is what this is presumably about. Not easy to get one of those I'm afraid...

  4. CEL are due in court again tomorrow (Jan 7) I wonder if they will turn up:-

  5. Re the above, CEL phoned the motorist late this afternoon and told them they were withdrawing the court claim. To quote a follow-up email:-

    ""In light of the defence you have submitted, we have now reviewed the matter and on commercial grounds, without prejudice, have decided to withdraw claims and discontinue proceedings. We reserve our rights in relation to costs should you feel that the Claim be re-instated"