Friday, 16 January 2015

Civil Enforcement Limited fail to show up at Court

Civil Enforcement Limited failed to show up at Court on Wednesday, 14th January 2015 (Claim No A58YM418). 

In a pattern familiar to readers of this blog, CEL rang the defendant and even sent a letter to advise that they had decided to withdraw claims and discontinue proceedings. However, they failed to advise the Court. The afternoon prior to the case being heard the defendant wisely contacted the Court who confirmed it was still listed. The defendant attended and as usual CEL did not. 

The Prankster warns all defendants to always check with the court even if CEL tell them the case is cancelled. If both parties fail to turn up, the judge may well find for the claimant.

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  1. Here we go again:

    It's about time we had some PPC names on here:

  2. From yesterday's PePiPoo:-
    Before District Judge Wildsmith sitting at the County Court at York, Piccadilly House, 55 Piccadilly, York, YO1
    Upon reading the defendant's email
    And Upon the Notice of Discontinuance being served on 06/01/15 on the day before the final hearing that had
    been fixed since 01/10/14 and that as a result it appears the Claimant behaved unreasonably with the result that
    the Defendant had a loss of earnings.
    the Claimant shall within 14 days pay to the Defendant the sum of £90.
    This Order was made of the District Judge’s own initiative without a hearing (CPR Part 3.3(4)). If you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set aside, varied or stayed within 7 days of receiving it. (CPR Part 3.3(5)[/b]

    1. Let's hope they don't pay up then.
      A CCJ against them would be nice