Monday, 29 July 2013

The Prankster tries to book on a POPLA workshop

Ring Ring
RECORDED VOICE: Blah blah blah
Internal Ring ring
POPLET: Good morning, you're through to POPLA my name is [Poplet] how can I help you?
PRANKSTER: Oh hello, I missed your workshops in Birmingham and London and was wondering if there were any coming up that I could book onto?
POPLET: Sorry could you start again please?
PRANKSTER: Yes, I missed your workshops you've been running in London and Birmingham recently
POPLET: You're calling POPLA. We're an appeals service.
PRANKSTER: Thats right but you have run some workshops. Is that correct?
POPLET: I only deal with appeals. I tell people how to appeal.
PRANKSTER: Okay, well who's the best person in POPLA to talk to...I think Richard Reeve  ran that right?
POPLET: That could easily be but it would be best to email us at
PRANKSTER: Oh, you can't pass me through to Richard?
POPLET: No I can't I'm afraid.**
PRANKSTER: Oh, okay. Well I've got another question. I have a problem wording my appeal regarding pre-estimate of loss. What's the best way to word my appeal to make my appeal upheld?
POPLET: Right, you've had a letter of rejection from a car park operator?
PRANKSTER: That's right.
POPLET: You have 28 days from receiving that appeal to appeal to POPLA.
PRANKSTER: That's right'
POPLET: I can advise you to get as much information in as will help your case as possible.
PRANKSTER: I gather the lead adjudicator has been advising the parking companies how best to word their evidence. I wondered if POPLA could perhaps do the same for motorists. Perhaps could I speak to the lead adjudicator?
POPLET: Again that would wouldn't be able to speak to the lead adjudicator. Nobody gets to speak to them unfortunately . That would be another email enquiry to as well
PRANKSTER: Okay so if I put that in my enquiry you would be able to help me with that as well?
PRANKSTER: Oh okay thank you very much.
POPLET: Thank you

** The Prankster is fairly certain that the Poplet was incorrect saying he could not be put through. During the workshops POPLA freely gave out the following contact details so obviously to maintain independence it would be fair if motorist could also contact them.

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  1. Richard Reeve?
    Isn't he Superman.
    You should have asked to speak with Lois Lane, she would have told him to pick up the phone for you.
    Tristan Patay.
    I thought he was one of the two Pakistani drug addicts who mistakenly snorted curry powder instead of cocaine. Honestly....
    They were both rushed off to the hospital. One of them is in a korma and the other has a dodgy tikka.