Wednesday, 24 July 2013

ParkingEye court case upsurge

In a previous post The Parking Prankster stated that ParkingEye issued around 2000 court cases in June 2013. Following a further release of information The Prankster now understands that the actual number of court cases issued by ParkingEye between 1 June 2013 and 18 June 2013 is 1247. Figures for the number of cases filed after June 18 are not available.

The Prankster speculates that the total number of cases issued in July will be 1662 if ParkingEye kept issuing cases at the same rate. This will mean that in one month ParkingEye only filed 2.77 times more court cases than the whole parking industry did in 2012. The Prankster previously stated that they issued more than three times the number of cases as the whole parking industry did in 2012.

The Prankster wishes to apologise to anyone who has been misinformed by his earlier article.

These graphs should explain the situation.

Claims issued by ParkingEye since March 2011 (2390)

Number of claims in 2011 (5)

Number of claims in 2012 (8)

Number of claims Jan-Apr 2013 (225)

Number of claims May-Jun 2013 (2122)

The Prankster trusts this makes everything clear.

Based on this FoI request, The Prankster estimates ParkingEye will issue 700,000 parking charges in 2013, or about 60,000 a month. The BPA Ltd estimated that 40% of these will go unpaid, or 24000. This makes the chance of ParkingEye currently taking a case to court to be around 6-7%.


  1. If you are correct, that's still 36,000 who pay up straight away without answering questions. Maths was never my strong point, but even at a discounted rate of £75 (is that correct?) still means an income of £2,700,000 per Month or £32,400,000 per Year? Given the overheads are fairly minimal, you can understand them wanting to get a reputation of being the toughest PPC and willingness to absorb the costs of a few small claims. Feel free to correct the math LOL

  2. The discount price is usually £50. ParkingEye's accounts show turnover was £13 million last year, so the Prankster's assumptions are obviously wrong somewhere. Perhaps fewer people pay up.

    ParkingEye's accounts show that they make around £7 per ticket. Whether the real overheads are small and the directors live large, The Prankster has no idea.

  3. Well we know that they don't pay VAT as they don't provide a VAT number on their correspondence. I can't see how they make £7 out of £50 and you will still have people who panic and pay up at the higher price. The Beeb recently claimed that 70 out of every 100 pay up. Either way, 1 is 1 to many.