Tuesday, 23 July 2013

DVLA to check notices annually

In a previous post The Prankster pointed out that the DVLA had been caught out telling lies about whether they did or did not check notices from parking companies.

The Prankster has now received a communication from the DVLA explaining that from now on signage and notices will be checked annually. This is to be welcomed.

What is less welcome is that this checking task is apparently neither being done by the DVLA themselves nor by any independent body, but by a limited company with vested interest; the British Parking Association Limited.

The Prankster questions the competency of the BPA Ltd to carry out this task, especially as pretty much all the notices he has seen so far are not PoFA compliant.

The Prankster also questions the decision of the DVLA to farm this task out to a limited company funded largely by the parking industry themselves. This surely cannot guarantee impartiality.

This is just not good enough, DVLA! You earn millions of pounds a year selling data to the parking companies, generating huge profits. Use some of the profit to pay for a truly independent check on the notices. Better still, require the parking company to pay for that check themselves before they can access your data.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. How does that work then Prankster? Check them annually then find multiple issues, which means they coin in thousands, if not millions of pounds before being struck off by The BPA?

    Like allowing a Burglar to rob hundreds of houses, then sending Him to prison after a Year after He has stashed the cash.

  2. I agree, except that as they have already been going for 10 months, the burglars will have stashed loot from 22 months worth of unregulated activity.