Friday, 5 August 2016

MIL unexpectedly do not lose a court hearing

Today's case for John Wilkie was another MIL matter, a little out of district in East Anglia.

Arriving to meet Mr M at 11:00 for an 11:30 hearing, the defence team got told by the usher at 11:15 that the Claimant's advocate had phoned in "broken down", and was being returned home by the AA.

Obviously, it's entirely unreasonable to blame MIL for this, though it is noted that Mr Wilkie managed to get down to Taunton from his offices with a broken down car some weeks ago, and this is not the first time that Alan Davis of MIL hasn't managed to get to court either - all of the MIL "legal team" was in a meeting, yet again!

MIL are claiming £210 - An adjournment was agreed because of the circumstances, but Defendant's costs of £327.40 were reserved on the face of the order, so it is predicted that MIL will now discontinue to avoid a further £327.40 to be added next hearing.

In other news, MIL Collections has publicly accused Mr Wilkie and others of committing an offence by "conducting legal proceedings". Clearly Mr Davis has not read the Lay Representative (Right of Audience) Order 1999
and has no understanding of the Small Claims Procedure, unlike Messrs Wilkie, Bargepole, Prankster etc. This is probably the reason why MIL Collections have yet to win against one of "our" lay representatives.

The Prankster suggests that if Mr Davis has any complaints about Mr Wilkie assisting members of the public to defeat his champertous, vexatious and entirely unreasonable claims (as determined by the courts more than once), he really ought to actually turn up to court and make the complaints to the judges.

And he should bring Matt Murdoch/k with him...

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. I'm sure they'll get back in to the swing of things soon enough ;-)

  2. Presumably if they now discontinue the case, they will just be given the costs order. Sounds rather lose-lose to me.

  3. How does Mr Wilkie get his costs? Does he get it under unreasonable behaviour?

    1. Mr Wilkie is not allowed costs, as a Lay Representative.

      You would have to ask him how he funds his extravagent lifestyle, but I'll be the Taxman already has a good idea, and is happy about it.

  4. Perhaps MIL's battle-bus keeps crashing on the way to court because they let Matt drive?