Saturday, 27 August 2016

MIL Collections lose in court

C6QZ775Z MIL v Mr S. 26/08/2016 Barnsley

Mr S. contacted the Prankster to inform him that he had used this blog to research MIL collections and help with his case,

MIL Collections had allegedly purchased a debt from Parking Awareness Blackpool for not parking fully within a marked bay.

Alan Davies (MIL's managing director) did not turn up, and sent a solicitor to represent him. His witness statement was therefore deemed inadmissible by the judge for non attendance.

The judge looked at the Parking Awareness signage and stated the parking fee had been paid and that the parking bays in car park were only big enough for a mini and concluded that parking in between the two solid white lines and paying the tariff was sufficent to adhere to the signage.

Mr S. was also ready with arguments regarding POFA2012,  deeds/letters of assignment, champerty, etc.but these were not needed.

The claim was dismissed and Mr S. was awarded £100 costs.

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